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The all new 150 acres RSL Shuttlecock feather processing plant (about 56 football fields) is the biggest ever built in the world. This is a newest addition to RSL factories and it deals only with the feather processing. RSL view feather as the most important part of a shuttle as it determines the shuttles durability, flight and speed, which is why we want to control the quality at its source in raw feather form. This means we always have an abundant supply of consistently top quality shuttlecocks all year round.

RSL also helps to promote badminton as a sport by sponsoring international tournaments and players particularly by ways of spaecial assistance to help those countries which are still in the course of development programmes. All these efforts are made with a view in promoting badminton as a sport. It is believed that the professionalism of our equipment and exposure of our products will enable more badminton supporters to gain access to these benefits.

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